Monday, September 11, 2006

And Now, Two Months Later...

We have achieved internet connectivity. It's been a long, phone-less struggle (we use voice over IP instead of POTS service; much cheaper and free long distance) and although the area isn't apparently wired correctly, they gave it a shot and so far it works.

All of the things I was wanting to write about have lost their immediacy as well as a significant amount of clarity in my mind so I think I'll recap a few of them and then move on. I very much want to get back to doing a near daily posting but I'll have to ease back into it. The house is still under construction, we have house guests, Sabrina's starting school, and the dog must have eaten something I can use as an excuse.

In any case, here's to shaking the rust off, loosening up the keyboard and finding one's voice. Like the house and garage, new construction is a good thing.