Friday, February 23, 2007

Missed Opportunity

With all the flap going on about the death of Anna Nicole Smith, who's the daddy, where's the money, what drugs was she on, and why do we care, it seems to me the simplest route to clear up the main question is being overlooked.

Maury Povich, step up and invite the potential daddies to your show. While you may need to add extra chairs to your set, you can then whip out one of those lie detector test and DNA test manila envelopes and clear this up in a matter of minutes. It would be as entertaining as any Povich show, erm, you'd pull in some ratings, and best of all, there wouldn't be anyone to pop up from their chair and run backstage. The pursuit cameramen get a break, as well.

This would have at least as much theater as this week's court proceedings and with more commercial breaks I could go to the bathroom more. People don't sling chairs at each other on this show so it would be completely dignified.

Why are the obvious things sometimes the easiest to overlook?


Blogger Doctor Atlantis said...

By far the funniest idea I've heard on this issue. (Issue? Sheesh.)

4:01 PM  

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