Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cable Ties

I got a call from Time-Warner yesterday. They wanted to sell me the same phone service they've been pummeling me with commercials for three hundred times a night on every available station they provide. Not only is it repetitive, it's the SAME commercial. If you're watching a syndicated show or something where they've doubled the commercial breaks, this is really insane-making stuff.

We had TW as a cable and high speed internet provider in Florida. The cable was incredibly expensive and the internet service bounced like a yo-yo every couple of weeks; when this happened not only did I have to call customer service EVERY TIME, I had to escalate the problem EVERY TIME because the low level guys couldn't see the problem, and it was the same problem EVERY TIME. But then another company offered service in our fair city and we jumped because, really, we didn't think it could be worse.

And it wasn't. And our bill went down by half. Across the bay in Tampa they were still getting hosed because there was no competition but we were golden in St. Pete. When we moved to NH, I was happy to see the local provider was Comcast. Having no experience with someone is better than having bad.

Six months after we arrived Time-Warner took over. Aaargh. There have been stories in the paper how local businesses have had unexplained internet outages since the changeover. Hm, what a coincidence. So have we.

So this guy yesterday wants to know if I'm ready to save money with Time-Warner's new phone service. I'm sorry, I think, didn't you say you were from Time-Warner? With the nails-into-the-brain advertising? The high-ass rates? The unexplained outages? The digital phone rate advertised as starting at $39.95 a month? Did I mention that for the past week or so we've had two channels that no longer offer sound with their video?

I wanted to hang up on him or laugh or something similarly pointless yet slightly self-gratifying. "I wouldn't be interested," was all I said. He sounded stunned, incredulous, stupefied that I wouldn't even hear him out. But he didn't push it. If he had I'd have told him to imagine me on channel eleven or thirteen shouting at him with the volume turned up high. He'd have enjoyed the quiet.


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