Saturday, July 30, 2011

Under the Bell

Argh. I've posted bupkiss (really, I have no idea of the preferred spelling) in the month of July. Not because I've had nothing to blather on about, but because I'm godawful buried in book work for some very nice publishers. Who are perhaps too busy themselves. Notwithstanding that everyone needs a month off, or even everyone but me, so I'd get a chance to catch up, here's a quick link to Irish writer Declan Burke's blog. Today he posts some (non) rules for aspiring writers, quantum physics and love.

The first rule is this, and works above the sub-atomic level in the Newtonian world:

1. Writing is a lot like love and quantum physics. If you think you have the answer, you probably haven’t understood the question.

Which is typical of the attitude Mr. Burke brings to his daily blog, which is only one of the reasons I recommend its reading, which can be found here.

Monday I'm going to wake up and say, "Crap, it's August already? Already?" It may not be reliving my youth, but all the other kids on summer vacation must be thinking the same thing, even if they're not old enough to say "crap" without getting in trouble. Here's to ya.