Monday, June 24, 2013

Amazon's Cardboard Tiger

So I heard from Amazon in response to the e-mail I sent them from the previous post. They said that since another shipment would likely result in the same sort of damage, they'll "look into it." And they'll refund the cost of that book.

Alright, I get my money back but I can't order a new one because they also said they'd not sell it until they investigated. Great. Then they ask if they've solved my problem. I told them, "No."

Then I sent them this:

"You say that it's likely another replacement would end up the same way, and you're right AS LONG AS YOU KEEP SENDING BOOKS IN PADDED ENVELOPES WITHOUT BACKING THROUGH UPS. Even the UPS driver this morning told me you shouldn't do this.

"You know how to ship books without incurring damage? I can't believe I have to tell you this but the answer is CARDBOARD."

Ironically enough, another paperback arrived today, this time through USPS. It was a "Today's Deal" book. Rather than ship in an unbacked padded envelope and mangled along through UPS, it was shipped shrinkwrapped to a piece of cardboard and packaged in a box. That's as bulletproof as you're going to get.

So the book packaged by the Prime packers, you know, that service that Amazon's best customers pay eighty bucks a year for (I say "best customers" because their stats show Prime members by many more times the stuff as non-Prime members), is shipped like a second-hand charity shop, and the sale book through the regular packers is a beautiful example of overkill that gets my book to me in perfect condition.

Something's wrong with this picture. Since Amazon will likely never change, then it devolves to me. But I'm counting on a grassroots campaign to spring up and deluge those fine folks with complaints to let them know that what they do now is just not good enough.

And the worst thing is I will remain pissed off up to and including the time that I receive my next order, which is a pair of school books for my son.

I will never win because I won't stop playing. Viva, Las Vegas, er, Amazon.


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