Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Because I Can't Resist (and Amazon deserves it)

Box came today. Perfect condition. No padding necessary, it was a wraparound cardboard box. Beautiful, I think, my shipping problem with Amazon is on vacation!

I peel the strip, I open the box...

...and then begin the process to return two out of the three books contained therein. One of the trade paperbacks is not only bumped in the upper right hand corner, it translates to both covers and every single page having a fold about a half inch down. And the book looks twenty years old.

The hardcover looks in okay shape. Except for the dust jacket. All along every edge--top and bottom, front and back--it is wrinkled and crinkled like the book was rubbed the wrong way down someone's sweater.

The third book, which is brand new (it just came out), is okay. Not perfect--the back cover is scuffed and scratched a bit. But I'll keep it.

Amazon sucks. And yes, I am a sucker. I want their accountant to say, "What can we do to get these book returns down?"

I know! I know! The answer is...

Give a damn. Please.


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