Monday, October 23, 2017

Home from Toronto

Since so many people do post-Bouchercon reports, I probably don't have a lot to add. I know that my biggest disappointment was in not seeing people I was planning and hoping to see.

The first was a friend from Montreal I haven't seen for years. I looked for them from the moment I arrived on Wednesday until after my panel on Saturday afternoon. Yes, I was heartbroken.

I also never ran across Bill Crider though I know he was there, or Sam Weibe, or a few others. A couple more I saw only in passing. Every Bouchercon has it's own issues, and at least in Toronto the elevators worked (sorry, New Orleans). But this one had a disjointed three level four plan that really could have been utilized better so that people were more often in a centralized place.

Now, the people I did see were the best part of the conference, of course. Gary Phillips, John Sheppird, Eric Campbell, Reed Coleman, new writer Lissa Redmond, Scott Montgomery, everyone in the book room and scores of others. I had a lot of good work-related meetings and came out of there owing three different booksellers. It didn't help that I didn't bring much cash because, you know, credit cards. Until they didn't work in west of Montreal.

Big thanks to Mystery Mike Bursaw for taking care of me so I could free my car from the parking ramp, have gas money to get home, and actually eat something the last two days. And to Debi Chowdhury for buying me new shoes when my surgically repaired knee went out while--of course--talking to one of the booksellers.

The community of writers was never a better friend to me than they were in Toronto. Thanks, guys.

All I've got to do now is pay you all back....