Sunday, July 29, 2018

Book Review: DOWN TO NO GOOD by Earl Javorsky

Earl Javorsky's third novel, and second in his "Charlie Miner series, Down to No Good, is hopefully the sign of great things to come. The book itself is written in a hard-bitten style though the story revolves around a very real--and a very fake--spiritualism. When writers try to bring hard-boiled prose to other genres, Javorsky's done what they're trying to achieve. The plot could kick into full steam sooner and allow itself to grow more complex, but for the sheer joy of reading a no-nonsense, existentialist nearly hard-boiled prose, Down to No Good is as hard to beat as it is to put down.

Pretty good stuff, people. If you're in the mood for discovering someone new, here's a guy on a plate....


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