Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Going Green

There are two less gas consuming automobiles on the roads now, by some link or chain down to me. I was involved in two catastrophic car accidents in less than three days' time. A bit of brain hemorrhaging, a broken nose, probably a finger, concussion, air bag burns (those things really get you) and I'm sidelined for a while. This on top of the pneumonia that's already had me on the bench for an extended period.

This isn't the most fun stuff to talk about so for now at least I'll leave off the details. All I can say is things really could have been a lot worse, death or dismemberment and all, but right now I really, really, just need to not get hit in the head for a while. Actually, last summer's rescue puppy, the black greyhound my son named Pepper--whom I once mistakenly thought was going to be on the small side--could also do me a solid and stop licking the sides of my nose with her giraffe tongue, too. That would be nice.


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