Friday, October 27, 2006

A New Post! No, Really!

But it will be a short one. I still have massive intentions of going almost daily again but it has been tough getting into a routine with the new house, homeschooling, state of health, and probably sunspot activity.

The most revolutionary electronic device since the personal computer is, for me, a 40 gig. MP3 player. I have put almost all of my CDs on the thing and can play anything, anywhere, any time, without pre-choosing and schlepping around stacks of actual discs. I'm not a fan of the iPod for the simple reason that I'm anti all proprietary formats (apparently people never actually learn). Even as Apple has embraced a Unix variant for their computer operating system and now runs on Intel chips they still try to restrict their music players. Good luck.

Anyway, a wonderful companion to this technology is the Rhapsody music service. For eight bucks a month you can stream music from a truly massive library through your computer, download songs, and have the opportunity for you to essentially tailor radio without commercials, interruptions, etc.

I noticed a few days ago that the number one visited artist was "Weird Al" Yankovic. I thought this strange (there's a joke there somewhere). Than yesterday I surfed past his new video and found myself rolling on the floor. He's got a parody of a rap song (I cringe to credit one of these abominations as a "song") called "White & Nerdy." As cute and clever as it might be, the jewel in the video is the sudden presence of Donny Osmond popping up behind "Weird Al" and dancing his guts out.

I'm drying tears from my eyes just thinking about it.

You can find it on the net at Google video if you want to check it out. As an early fan of what used to be rap music but has become an antisocial excuse for bad behavior called "hip hop culture," it gives me hope that there may be some entertainment value left in the music. Which beats the hell out of using it as an excuse for drugs, women beating, guns, rims on cars, more jewelry than a man should be allowed to wear, etc.

The song is funny but the video and Mr. Osmond are over the top hilarious. As a man with as much success as Osmond has had his whole life, and with a talent that will perhaps forever be dismissed as leftover bubble gum, his willingness to put himself out there again speaks well of so many things. I may even log on to Rhapsody to check out some of his own music. As long as he's not covering the Beastie Boys, though. I only have so much good will.


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Good to see you join the 21st again. :)

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