Friday, April 27, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

I'd like to write something of more substance but my CFS is making me feel like garbage, the herniated discs in my neck are fighting for dominance, and I don't quite feel up to it. So shut up already, you suggest. Hah.

In an e-mail to a friend I told her about a buddy I once had who used to be in the Air Force. He had the Mythbusters-quality job of supporting space shuttle launches (back when they didn't explode) which meant he flew around in helicopters during the launches and shooed boats and people away from where they weren't supposed to be. He was also on hand for potential disasters, be they in the air, in the water, or on the land.

Consequently he spent his time skydiving, scuba diving, and surfing, as well as other forms of physical activity. He told me that when wearing wetsuits in the course of surfing and diving, he and his crew would "turn on the heater" as they felt necessary.

My e-mail friend didn't believe this but I told her that not only was it true, it has been corroborated to me by other surfers and divers. So when you see these daredevils dropping into fifty footers off Hawaiian breaks, or tracking bubbles in underwater caves to make sure they know which way is up, or even cage diving amidst Great Whites or hitching rides on the fins of whale sharks, just remember: these guys wet their pants. On purpose.

Quote from my five year old daughter, excerpted from a conversation with her three year old brother: "Those aren't gummy worms, they're your fingers." As they said in Ghostbusters, important safety tip. (At least he doesn't wet his pants like a surfer dude in a wetsuit.)


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