Friday, April 20, 2007

Meaningless Tripe

I'm compelled to write this mostly because I haven't written anything for a week or so (I've been having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome episodes daily--again) and because I just now succeeded in pulling my jaw back up to my face. While I've never been a big Alec Baldwin fan and only a superficial (and I mean this in the best possible way) fan of Kim Basinger's, I played the posted recording of the ex-Mr. Basinger's phone message to their eleven year old daughter.


On the one hand you wonder why he would divorce a woman who looked like Kim. Then you hear something like this and you wonder how she ever hooked up with a guy like this.

So they've been in a custody battle for several years. So it's contentious. But when is it ever appropriate for a dad to tell his girl that she doesn't have the brains or the decency of a human being, that her mother is a thoughtless pain in the ***, but to tell her she is a "thoughtless little pig" and that she makes him feel like ****.

Good one, Alec. Anybody want to take his side, listen to the message first. It's far worse than reading the phrases flashing across the bottom of the CNN screen. So maybe Kim is "pathologically" afflicted and couldn't keep herself from violating the court order surrounding their situation, or perhaps she just couldn't hep herself with this particular smoking gun. In any case, I think she wins. At least the battle of public opinion.



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