Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Book Fear

Went in to the town bookstore a few days ago. Left me very scared. Those heinous extra-large, extra-priced mass market paperbacks have still not disappeared or noticeably lessened but rather seem to have spread. Looking at some of Bernard Cornwell's Grail Quest books, the only editions were trade paperbacks for fourteen bucks apiece. They had the latter two books of the trilogy so to read those would cost almost thirty bucks. Um, if they were available in mass market editions for half that I would have picked them up.

Bottom line is that once again I'll buy the books used from somebody online and pay less money but half of it in shipping charges. Who wins in this mess? As a book buyer I've been pushed to the fringe and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Once there were good old days...

It occurred to me that a collection of books is a library and that a collection of e-books is a floppy disk. DRM controlled ones will die with your next Microsoft induced operating system upgrade, but that's another rant.


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