Friday, May 09, 2008

Suspended Animation

My surgically repaired right eye had been getting worse the past few months which led to terrible eyestrain as my left eye had to do more work. The eye doctor cut something open with a laser on Monday and things are better but different. I still need to rest them to take care of the eye strain but that's not an easy thing to do. I also am feeling addictive symptoms to the meds I take for my back and neck issues; when that happens, which is all too regular an occurrence, I leave them alone until I'm over it. I'll use the damned things but I won't let them get bigger than me.

Which is all to say that I'm staying away from the computer as much as I can for a few more days. So even though the blog entries have been sparse, they're going to be sparser still until next week some time. That's just the way it goes sometimes.


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