Monday, March 21, 2016

Noir at the Bar follow-up

I could write about the goings-on, the Garmin GPS having no clue how to get me to the entrance of a public parking ramp, hanging out with Adrian McKinty at the bar and asking inappropriate questions (e.g. Did Forsythe kill Killian at the end of "Falling Glass" or did Killian talk his way out of it?), the obtrusive methods used to remind readers of their expiring reading times, and the state police in New Jersey who ticket people from New Hampshire who don't where seat belts, but...

Peter Rozofsky covers the event better, and with pictures! Go here

and experience remorse for not being there, assuming you weren't there. The next one I'm reading at is in Boston in May, so if you're around you should come then. I haven't heard if I'll be reading in Manhattan before that yet, and like the Glenn Close, the mistress from "Fatal Attraction" I am being ignored about appearing in Minneapolis this summer.

I should organize a Noir at the Bar in Northern New Hampshire. Let's see.... um, yeah, no one lives up here. Never mind.

But go check out Rozofsky's blog and read the comments. Find a Noir at the Bar near you (unless you live where I do)  and go--you'll have a good time. Promise.


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