Monday, July 25, 2016

Bill Crider

I am absolutely crestfallen by the news of veteran crime, western, horror, and men's adventure writer Bill Crider. Apparently Bill has found out very recently that he's ill, so ill that he sounds as though he may not be with us much longer. A very aggressive form of carcinoma is what he's told us.

Bill has not only been a great supporter of my books, but is truly one of the nicest people on the planet. Not just writers, but people. Those who knew him felt his pain as he related the loss of his wife of over fifty years not all that long ago. Up until now he's still posted pictures of Judy and little stories of their life together but now he says he may not be posting anything. Ever.

I've been called some flattering things about my personal knowledge of paperback original era authors, not only because of my essays but also my editing of and contributing to the book PAPERBACK CONFIDENTIAL. But I would challenge anyone who thinks they have more than a passing era of anything paperback related to have a conversation with Bill and not come away learning any number of things. You might have to draw a few things out of him, though; his humility prevents any sort of overbearing.

He's trying to get into one of the best cancer centers in the country this week. Someone posted somewhere about Jimmy Carter's miraculous recovery from his own cancer--maybe, hopefully, if the Universe has a heart, Bill can enjoy a similar resurgence.

Get well, Bill, and the sooner the better. We, the entire community that you've been such a part of for so long, needs you around for a lot more years. You set an example very few of us will ever match.


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