Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick "Silent Wall" Update

The lovely people at Amazon, following whatever impossible to follow pricing algorithm (or perhaps merely skilled at picking series of random numbers), have Peter Rabe's The Silent Wall/The Return of Marvin Palaver for the trifling sum of $13.57. Two weeks ago it was at $19.95. For a time it was at $15 something. Logic dictates that waiting a month or two may yield a free book but I don't think publishing's that poorly off yet.

Click the link of Rabe's name to get to his Wikipedia entry. It may not be hip, witty or erudite, but I wrote it anyway. And the book itself, as I've pointed out before, has an introduction that too is not hip, witty or erudite, but I wrote that, as well. And did other stuff with the book but that's another story for darker places. (I just said that because it sounds spooky.)


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