Sunday, February 20, 2011

You (don't) Have Mail

My e-mail has been down for days. How many doesn't matter, since one feels like weeks when you don't like telephones. So if you've sent me an e-mail recently, chances are I'll get it one day soon. Shortly thereafter I'll get set up with an ISP and hopefully the recurring e-mail issues I've had will evaporate.

And there's nothing I like better than futzing with stuff that should just plain work, but on the other hand, after many years in IT, Microsoft and their ilk have made it clear that not a whole lot's going to change. I think this is true no matter how many times they want me to upgrade OSs. Then, with another new computer to run the new version well, I can ignore the new set of issues (bugs, driver updates, no longer supported peripherals) and keep the giant wheel of tech consumerism rolling along.

Bitter much? How come sunny days in the winter can be such downers? Cold temperatures and feet of snow on the ground beg for beautiful grey steel low-hanging clouds. I'm considering moving underground, perhaps a cave or an abandoned mine. We'll see how things shake out with e-mail servers first.

See, I'm rolling on my own damn wheel. Evening's coming but there's a giant spotlight for a moon coming around shortly. There'll be enough light to shovel by.


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